Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens

If you find yourself in Maine this summer I highly suggest going to visit the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens. These gardens are absolutely stunning and have so many fun activities for the whole family to do!

The entrance fee for the gardens varies depending on how many people there are and the ages of the people going. They have senior discounts, military discounts, and student discounts. The entrance fee is well worth it for what awaits you inside the gardens.

The Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens are very expansive, covering 300 acres of the costal area along the midcoast of Maine. With all this space there so many fun activities for kids and adults to do. There are endless hours of places to explore and things to find. I have been coming here since I was a kid and still find new and amazing gems hidden throughout the garden.

One of my favorite things that my friends and I did on this visit was a scavenger hunt! This scavenger hunt takes you throughout the gardens to find all of the Giant Trolls that had been created. Here is a picture of one of them. They are massive in size and each troll is unique. Each of their names is also a clue in solving the riddle on the scavenger hunt. You can learn more about the Giant Troll exhibit here.

If you get tired during your explorations there are plenty of places to stop and rest that are immersed within the gardens. Also if you get hungry there are plenty of food and snacks to grab at the little market inside the gardens as well.

The gardens also contain a section that is all about gardening! In this part of the garden, you can learn about some of the best ways to maintain your garden at home. It also sparks some inspiration of different ways to organize and set up your garden. Not just for functionality, but for beauty as well.

Another notable aspect of the gardens is their butterfly rooms and their beehives. The gardens have an optional walkway that you can go through where butterflies abound. I have had multiple experiences in here where butterflies will land on me. As a kid I thought it was one of the most magical experiences! The gardens also have a beehive where you can see how bees create their hive. I learned a lot about the different flowers bees love and ways to better protect the bees too!

I could talk about this beautiful botanical garden for days. But no words or pictures can compare to experiencing it yourself. If you want to learn more about the gardens you can visit their website here!

Even if you aren’t in Maine there are plenty of botanical gardens and arboretums around the states! You can find a list of them here! Hope you get to enjoy some gardens this year!

I would love to hear about some of your favorite botanical gardens below in the comments! I’m always looking for new places to go and visit! Especially when it comes to nature!

Here is a short little video of the gardens!

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